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Let us know what we should be wearing so we don't turn up in jeans to your wedding!
What time would you like the booth to be delivered and set up by. We usually arrive approx 30 minutes prior to your photos start time but if you require your booth set up earlier we do charge downtime of $50 per hour.
What time can we pack down and remove the booth from the venue. We usually do this after your photos end time but if you require your booth packed out later we do charge downtime of $50 per hour.

Which package would you like? If we have worked out a custom deal for you please put Other and list the details. If your package includes a Deluxe Customised photo strip, please email details to, otherwise we will supply a standard photo strip with your event name.
Choose a colour option for the photo strip. Some of our booths have both B&W and Colour options available.
Our booths can either be curtained or open with a backdrop that you create (kiosk).
How long will you be hiring the booth? 2hr minimum.
How many guests do you expect at your event. If you have more than 250 guests we will need to supply an extra attendant to make the event run smoothly. This is charged at $50 per hour or you are welcome to supply a helper at no extra cost.
The address to send the Digital Files etc to.
Please write any comments or notes. Also details about the venue, is it upstairs, is there vehicle access etc?
To help with our self esteem, let us know why you selected us for your event :)

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